"The Power of 3" is ResoundLogic's second release in its series of of theme-based album and discovery unit releases. The project offers a creative perspective on the Trinity both in music and this "Reflections" discovery unit.

Navigation through the "Reflections" discovery unit begins by clicking/pressing on the menu icon in the top right corner and selecting "Intro", the first part of the discovery unit. Within each part, you can easily scroll through the material by clicking, pressing, or swiping through the narrative. Hyperlinks to clarifying scripture are identified in bold black font and accompanied with specific verses in parentheses. Complete each part in succession as your desire and schedule dictate. Click/press on the "Reflections" title in the header to return here and on our logo/link [ RL logo ] at the bottom of the menu to return to the ResoundLogic site at any time.

We pray you'll be blessed and enriched by our releases in this series and encourage you to help us promote the Gospel through this creative avenue.