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A wondrous account of salvation.

The Power of 3

A creative perspective on the Trinity.


ResoundLogic is an online record label which fosters "resounding" hymns emphasizing the holy "logic" of the Gospel. We accomplish this through our series of theme-based album and discovery unit releases. Each discovery unit is designed to provide a firm, initial foundation of a selected biblical or theological topic, and enable deeper exploration of the topic on individuals' own terms and at their own pace.

The songs from each album are developed exclusively to provide artistic complement and perspective to the key truths proclaimed in the respective discovery unit. In particular, we place great emphasis on the language richness and biblical consistency of each song's lyrics, while also crafting poised music arrangements across several genres for worldwide audiences.

While it may seem counterintuitive for a record label, it's important to note that the music is a supplement to the discovery unit. We recognize music as a universal means to attract people and, toward that end, we endeavor to produce great, appealing songs. Nonetheless, we ultimately seek to fulfill Christ's Commission and guide people to the truth of God's Word through each discovery unit.

ResoundLogic is 100% non-profit. There are no salaries, and all overhead costs are paid out of pocket. Any proceeds or profits from CD or streaming sales are invested in the next project, and all music can be accessed for free through this site and several other music streaming services.

We appreciate you visiting the ResoundLogic site and pray you'll be blessed and enriched by our releases. We encourage you to share this site, particularly with non-believers, to help us promote the Gospel and advance our Commission.



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