Lifecycles Revealed inaugurates ResoundLogic's series of theme-based album and discovery unit releases. The Lifecycles project is based on the Doctrine of Salvation outlined by the Apostles Paul and Peter in the New Testament. The discovery unit and album present the concepts of this doctrine--Election, Reconciliation, Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification--in the divine order of salvation's "lifecycles".

Navigation through the Lifecycles Revealed discovery unit begins by clicking/pressing on the menu icon in the top left corner and selecting "Part 1" from the sliding left menu. Within each part, you're provided with up/previous and down/next buttons to easily scroll through the material, and you can also click on the submenu icon in the top right corner to jump to a specific section using the sliding right submenu. Complete each part in succession as your desire and schedule dictate. Click/press on the "ResoundLogic" logo/link in the sliding left menu to return to the ResoundLogic site at any time.

You'll be provided with key discovery elements in the "Overview" section on the first page of each part, and you'll be given an opportunity at the end of each part to quiz yourself if you wish.

As you proceed through the discovery unit, we encourage you to be mindful of your personal concept of God, reflecting on the omniscience, grace, and love required of Him to offer salvation to us. When you consider the infinite foresight and astonishing implementation of His plan, your comprehension of the gift of salvation, as well as the Giver, should be significantly more appreciable by the end of the discussion unit.